Clinical Practice

I’m Max Mackenzie.

People often ask why a Mental Health Social Worker rather than a psychologist; I think there are many salient points for both disciplines, but Mental Health Social Workers look at a person within the systems that inform their lives and that is part of what we do here at resilience enterprises.

I maintain a small private practice at the Statford Medical Center. To get on my waitlist or make an enquiry please leave a message with my friendly staff.

Clinical care for LGBTI and other communities
I recognise the importance of changing human needs and are particularly focussed on rural and remote outcomes for people in regional areas utilising Skype and phone as practice options.  My generalist practice covers a range of interest areas including:

  • Trauma and recovery needs
  • Needs for first line responders
  • Trans and gender diverse counselling support (individual and families)
  • Support for families and individuals going through change
  • Recovery after industrial or organisational trauma

Should you wish to receive remote or rural allied health support through Resilience Enterprises and to utilise skype and teleconferencing to support this, please follow the below prompts to register your interest and read through the FAQ page.


Registered NDIS Provider
Resilience Enterprises – Max Mackenzie